International Real Estate

Our International Team-largely CIPS based (Certified International Property Specialists) has been focusing on the 8-10 countries that seem to invest the heaviest in U.S. projects. We have direct relationships with many PL’s (Presidential Liaison) who generally speak the language of that Country. These Ambassadors are REALTORS® based in a U.S. city but serve as a conduit between that Country and The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). We do “Outbound & Inbound” missions to present real estate investments Nevada has to offer as well as listening carefully to what opportunities exist in that city and Country for investors who reside in our great state. We are well connected to State and private organizations whose interests include bringing new business to Nevada. Together, we uncover unique projects that may not be visible or available to non-fulltime real estate professionals.

Foreign investors often seek investment stability over yield. Oftentimes such investment capital is being repurposed from areas of higher political or sovereignty risk. The U.S. offers better opportunities for capital preservation than just about anywhere in the world. This lesser demand for yield sometimes provides a competitive advantage to foreign investors who may outbid domestic parties having a higher yield objective. Even though foreign investment in U.S. commercial real estate is down from prior year levels, activity is still high compared to historical norms. NAR reports that for 2017, foreign investment in the States amounted to more than $150 billion with the top recipients including Nevada.

Foreign investment is largely in the forms of smaller assets purchased through funds and domestic intermediaries. Continued volatility in international markets, particularly Asia, Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean and parts of Latin and South America continue to spur foreign investment. Another specialty area where our team has expertise is the EB-5 Immigration Investor Program. This is a popular program for bringing foreign capital to the U.S. and as a way for foreign nationals to gain a family visa.